Nevada County Scooper exclusive? We have it first!

(Editor’s note: The following article, apparently intended for Nevada County Scooper, ended up in our mailbox. It is being published without further comment.)

By Bored Georgeman

Jeff Pelline, the portly publisher of an alleged magazine that promotes purveyors of food, booze and fun in Nevada County, has been banned from the Weather Channel’s popular “Fat Guys in the Woods” series after being caught with food in his possession.

The show features survivalist Creek Stewart teaching three overweight couch potatoes to live off the land, educating them on how to build shelters, make a fire, scavenge and hunt for food to survive in the wilderness for a week.

big foot

Big Foot or Pelline?

When asked how such a series ended up on the Weather Channel, which typically focuses on weather-related disasters and the weirdness of Mother Nature, a spokesman said: “There’s a limit to how much Jim Cantore the viewing audience can take. Six hours a day seems to be about the limit.”

“Fat Guys in the Woods” is typically filmed on location in Tennessee’s Appalachian Mountains, but the show’s producers decided they needed a change of scenery and selected an undisclosed location off Highway 49. Three local overweight men were chosen for the Nevada County episode.

The episodes was supposed to feature Pelline, who was apparently inspired by a recent viewing of “The Revenant”; Shep Birdwood, who hasn’t been to town since dropping out of Nevada Union in 1985, and Otis “Fat Boy” Davis, an aspiring white rapper who can’t find anybody to rap with in Nevada City.

Birdwood said the group became suspicious of Pelline on their third day in the woods when he declined to eat a foraged meal of giant beetle grub, reindeer moss, acorn gruel and skinned snake. Then a delivery man from GrubHub, apparently lost, stumbled into their camp carrying an order from the New Moon Cafe in Nevada City.

This seemed odd because the restaurant doesn’t advertise in Pelline’s magazine, which is why it isn’t included in the publication’s coveted restaurant guide. The publisher laughed it off, but a search of his gear uncovered a partially eaten wheel of Camembert cheese and the ingredients for a large batch of chili cheese fries. Pelline was immediately sent packing.

“This program is authentic, just like everything else on the Weather Channel,” a spokesman said. “We won’t tolerate anybody who tries to tarnish our image. Besides, he wouldn’t share the cheese with anybody else.”

Davis said it was just as well that he was tossed off the show. “Pelline kept insisting he’s a jolly fellow, and he kept mumbling in his sleep about Herb somebody. It really got annoying.”

A person at the family home who wouldn’t identify herself said Pelline is unavailable for comment because he’s recuperating from the ordeal. “It’s going to take him a day or two to regain the weight he lost in the woods,” she said.

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2 Responses to Nevada County Scooper exclusive? We have it first!

  1. Barry Pruett says:

    Oh my…

  2. Todd Juvinall says:

    Now that’s funny!!!

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