NU, Bear River watching playoffs from the stands

The high school football playoffs started last night–a day earlier than usual because a lot of schools didn’t want to play on Veterans Day–and our two local schools are watching the action from the stands.

Nevada Union and Bear River finished the season with a combined record of 5-15, hardly a playoff quality performance. NU hasn’t come close to the playoffs in five years and BR missed post-season play for the first time in several years.

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Wait till next year

My final power ratings for the season reflected their poor performance. BR finished fourth among the six teams in the Pioneer Valley League (four made the playoffs, but not in my order) and NU was last in the seven-team Sierra Foothill League (four advanced to the post-season). Here are ratings for all teams in both leagues:

Sierra Foothill League: Folsom, 128.8; Del Oro, 120.0; Oak Ridge, 117.5; Granite Bay, 99.2; Woodcreek, 99.1; Rocklin, 97.9; Nevada Union, 97.1.

Pioneer Valley League: Colfax, 113.7; Center, 111.9; Lincoln, 108.2; Bear River, 106.9;  Placer, 103.7; Foothill, 93.1.

In the SFL, the cedings for post-season play reflected my assessment, with Folsom and Oak Ridge ceded Nos. 1 and 3 in Division I, and Del Ore ceded No. 2 in  Division II. Granite Bay, my No. 4 in the league, was ceded No. 11 in Division II.

But we didn’t agree in the PVL. Colfax is ceded No. 7 in Division V, Center was No. 6 in Division IV, and Lincoln was No. 10 in Division III. Placer, which I rated lower than Bear River when it came to power numbers, grabbed the No. 7 slot in Division IV.

Oak Ridge, Center and Colfax won their first round games Thursday night, while Lincoln fell to Yuba City, 27-19. The other schools play tonight. We’ll see how well my power numbers reflect each school’s performance.


We went 6-0 in the final week of league play,  bringing the season record to 25-9, 74 percent. A solid performance, but not as good as the first time we tried this is 2013: 23-5, 82 percent. The schools appeared to be more competitive this time around, producing a lot of close match-ups that were essentially tossup games.

Still, I’ll take a 74 percent win rate.

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