Better late…

After almost 12 years in office and a few months before the end of his final term, Supervisor Nate Beason decided it’s time to tackle the affordable housing issue.

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3 Responses to Better late…

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    I know, isn’t it odd that something so needed was never pursued?

    • That’s because there’s no leadership on the Board of Supervisors. They are content to react to complaints and perceived problems. That’s why economic development efforts around here are so difficult; the board is dead weight.

  2. Jeff “Podunk” Pelline claims to be a big fan of Beason’s (I know, with friends like Pelline, who needs enemies), but he doesn’t even know how long Beason’s been in office. Blogging about Heidi Hall, Pelline writes how he’ll miss Beason after eight years in office. It’s 12 years, Jeffy.

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