It’s hard to find the middle ground around here

It’s hard to find the middle ground politically in western Nevada County, mainly because those in the middle prefer to remain silent and stay out of the cross-fire from the left and right political fringe.

This makes it challenging for Brian Hamilton, editor of The Union, to offer a broad spectrum of opinions on the editorial page to the paper’s readers. Instead, we are stuck with the likes of Norm Sauer and Terry Lamphier in Saturday’s edition.


Swing from the right

Sauer is a retired lawyer who serves on The Union’s editorial board, and I doubt you’ll find anybody currently on the board who is to his right politically. That’s evident from “Fallout from the 2016 election” that was published Saturday, his take on the meaning of Donald Trump’s election as viewed through a very conservative filter.

Thus, we are informed that “Trump beat back…vast campaign spending by Wall Street and the wealthy one percent,” except those who are going to work for Trump. Goldman Sachs, the premier investment banker on Wall Street, was a big contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but that didn’t stop Trump from raiding the executive suite for key financial positions in his administration.

Then there’s the one per centers who will be filling cabinet posts: Betsy DeVos, Wilbur Ross, Andrew Puzder and now Rex Tillerson. By one estimate, the people Trump has nominated to cabinet posts have a net worth of $14.5 billion–the wealthiest cabinet ever.

But Trump said he wanted rich people in his administration. So much for Sauer’s contention that thanks to Trump, “power lies with the people not the elite.”

By the way Norm, the “over a thousand jobs with Carrier” you wrote Trump saved is a lie the president-elect continues to repeat because, as we know, facts don’t matter any more. Trump saved 800 jobs; over 1,000 are going to Mexico.

And why do you approve of the future president meddling in the affairs of a private business? If Obama pulled a stunt like that, you’d be jumping up and down about that socialist in The White House  subverting the capitalist system.

Finally, what exactly did you mean when you wrote voters rejected “comfortable, sexually satisfied consumerism…”? Trump the Puritan? Sauer reminds me of the woman who said she voted for Trump–a man who has been married three times, is an admitted adulterer, and who mocks his own religion–because he is going to bring morality and religion back into our lives.

Both of you are truly clueless.


Swing from the left

Then there’s Lamphier, the former county supervisor and very brief member of the Grass Valley City Council, who is continuing his political rehabilitation with yet another “Other Voices” contribution in Saturday’s edition of the paper, “Now what in 2017?”

Lamphier is apparently trying to stake out a political position to the left of well-know local progressive Reinette Senum, except without the conspiracy theories. Thus we are offered an apocalyptic view of what the next four years may be like under Trump’s leadership, much of it written  in a style that brought back memories of “The Peoples World,” the official newspaper of the American Communist Party that was widely circulated at San Francisco State when I was there in the ’60s.

I particularly like Lamphier’s depiction of corporate honchos who “skim profits off the top to pay obscene CEO salaries and rewards to stockholders…” There’s no need to “skim” anything off the top because they get to decide what the company does with its profits. Stockholders, who are free to sell anytime they like, can decide for themselves if they agree with the decisions.

Lamphier has moved so far left that he has lost the support of his chief apologist, Nevada City political bully Jeff Pelline. Pelline, who bows to nobody in his advocacy of Bay Area progressive ideals, was Lamphier’s chief advocate when he was the only liberal on the board of supervisors, and his loudest defender during the unpleasant child pornography controversy.

Pelline has apparently thrown in the towel. You’re in big trouble now, Terry.

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