It’s impossible to please some people

The Christmas spirit apparently departed the Pelline household when the clock struck midnight on the 25th because Podunk started the 26th by teeing off on my annual awards column in today’s edition of The Union.

The general theme of today’s complaint is plagiarism. For starters, he seems to be under the impression that he invented the term “you can’t make this stuff up” and that I’m ripping him off by using the term and not giving him credit. Wrong again, big guy. The term was in general use long before he turned into a cliche on his blog.

Next, he faults me for not giving him credit for his “exclusive” that the ERC was going to put its digital media center in a building next door to an outfit that serves the homeless. Podunk doesn’t bother to mention that I gave him credit when I first used the item in my May 15 column ( , a credit he rejected as inadequate. He apparently wanted me to provide a link to his blog, run a four-color picture, and provide a list of the fine retailers who carry his “magazine.”

You would think Pelline would be in a good mood after I awarded him my prestigious Mr. Crimestopper Award. I guess it’s impossible to please some people.

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2 Responses to It’s impossible to please some people

  1. Mr. Pelline obviously loves to pick fly specks out of the pepper.

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