What exactly did I get wrong, Caleb?

I’m out-of-town visiting relatives so I didn’t get around to reading Wednesday’s edition of The Union until this morning, when I came across a letter from Caleb Dardick, executive director of SYRCL, claiming I got it wrong for suggesting that Assemblyman Brian Dahle did little to secure solar funding for Malakoff Diggins.

Dardick referenced an item in my roundup of observations (published Dec. 19, not Dec. 12, Caleb) in which I pointed out funding was secured by a San Mateo County assemblyman and wondered where Dahle was while this was going on. (I didn’t say he did nothing, but I’ve noticed that nuance doesn’t work well around here, so I won’t press the point.)

Dardick didn’t object when I first used the item in my June 27 column. Maybe he didn’t read it then, or maybe he got a call from Dahle’s people after the Dec. 19 column appeared. Who knows?

Anyway, Dardick provides proof of Dahle’s support by citing at article that appeared in The Union Oct. 13, 2013, “Rescuing Malakoff.” The article reports that Dahle joined several local officials to tour the site, which he thought was “cool.” He offered no support for funding of any kind for the diggins. As they say in the PR biz, the occasion was a photo-op and a chance to show support without actually committing to anything.

Dardick said he found the article with a quick search of The Union’s archives, but why go back three years? Why didn’t he mention articles that appeared in the June 1, June 10, and June 20 issues of The Union, tracking progress for funding of the project that ended with the governor’s approval. Dardick and Supervisor Hank Weston are quoted in each of those articles, giving each other credit for the achievement. Neither of them mentioned Dahle’s involvement in any aspect of the process.

I get it. Dardick’s job is to secure private grants and public funds to keep SYRCL relevant  and his pay check coming, so he has to play nice with every elected official who could conceivably do him some good. Even those who do little if anything to help.

ANOTHER THOUGHT: How does Malakoff Diggins impact the well-being of the Yuba River? SYRCL members might want to pose that question to their executive director.

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