Trump might be able to win Nevada County now

Nevada County is the only county in this part of California that Donald Trump lost in the general election, Hillary Clinton out polling him 47.4 percent to 42.5 percent.

That outcome might change if a new vote was held today as it becomes more generally known that the new president is a vaccine skeptic, music to the ears of people in a county with one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state.

Trump’s position became more widely publicized recently when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who still believes the discredited science that links vaccines to autism, announced that Trump has asked him “to chair a commission on vaccine safety.”

Medical authorities immediately went ballistic, forcing Trump’s team to issue a statement saying the president was “merely exploring the possibility of forming a commission on autism,” and was talking to a lot of people.

Why Trump would even consider having a layman who has used the word “holocaust” to describe the “injuries” vaccines do to children head such a commission is just another example of Trump’s speak-first-and-think-later approach that will apparently become his style of governing.

Trump has linked vaccines in the past to what he calls the autism “epidemic” and has accused doctors of lying about the benefits of vaccinations. Most of these statements were made at a time when nobody took him seriously as a presidential candidate, but now they can have deadly consequences for the general health of the population.

No reputable medical authorities believe this nonsense–even Ben Carson gets it–but there are plenty of people in this country who will question the efficacy of this life-saving procedure if Trump pounds on it enough. Never willing to concede he is wrong, Trump will just double-down on the claim if he’s aggressively challenged on his position.

He has already decided that global warming is a fraud perpetrated by China. What’s next? Out with evolution, in with creationism? Smoking isn’t all that harmful to your health? Why not. Trump apparently thinks it’s okay to breathe the smoke created by coal.

Just what we need: A know-nothing president.

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