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Trump vs. the media: Now the real fun begins

When it was revealed that President Richard Nixon kept an enemies list, Washington reporters who made the list gained a little bit more prestige and gravitas among their peers because they were thought to be tough on the president. Reporters … Continue reading

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Trump might be able to win Nevada County now

Nevada County is the only county in this part of California that Donald Trump lost in the general election, Hillary Clinton out polling him 47.4 percent to 42.5 percent. That outcome might change if a new vote was held today … Continue reading

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What a hoot! Now Podunk Pelline’s criticizing the Comical!

Apparently running out of local media to criticize, Jeff “Podunk” Pelline has turned his guns toward the San Francisco Chronicle, the newspaper that made Pelline a legend in his own mind. Jeffy’s ire is trained on a new feature the … Continue reading

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Another example of why newspapers are losing readership

We left the San Francisco Chronicle behind when we moved to Nevada County in 2000, mainly because the paper they delivered was the sheep herder edition–distributed to the farthest reaches of their circulation area. Because the paper went to press … Continue reading

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Ryan demonstrates again that our elected leaders are clueless

It has been observed that our elected leaders spend so much time inside the Washington Beltway that they’ve lost touch with the people they represent. House Speaker Paul Ryan reinforced the notion again this week. The occasion was the swearing-in … Continue reading

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Contrarians cleaned up in the college bowl games

Bookies know from experience that football bettors like to put their money on the favorites when betting sides and the over when betting totals. That prompts bookies to inflate the numbers, forcing you to pay a premium if you want … Continue reading

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