Keep my mouth shut? Maybe after I stop laughing

Top Donald Trump strategist Steve Bannon unloaded on the media recently, suggesting it was “humiliated” by the outcome of the election and is the “opposition party” to the Trump administration.

steve bannon

Steve Bannon: Clueless?

“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while,” Bannon told The New York Times, maintaining the media has no clue as to why Trump won the election.

There may be some truth in what Bannon says, but cluelessness is hardly confined to members of the media. Take Sebastian Gorka, a former national security editor at Breitbart News who is known for his hardline views on combating terrorism.

Before he started work as a senior advisor to Bannon, Gorka was stopped at Reagan Airport in Virginia last January when TSA agents found a 9mm pistol in his luggage. Gorka was cited for trying to take a gun onboard a plane and is still facing a criminal charge.

Neither The White House or Gorka would comment on the incident after The Wall Street Journal reported the encounter, so it’s not known if Bannon knew about the incident before he hired Gorka, but he joins a long list of gun owners who apparently don’t understand that you can’t take a gun on a plane.

People just aren’t learning. The Transportation Security Administration reports a record 3,391 guns were confiscated at airport check points last year. The situation figures to get worse since the House repealed an Obama administration rule that barred certain mentally impaired people from owning guns.

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