McClintock stands up while LaMalfa bails out

Whether you agree with him or not, you have to give Rep. Tom McClintock credit for facing a room full of hostile constituents at a town hall meeting in Roseville on Saturday.

Tom McClintock

Tom McClintock: Stand-up guy

McClintock answered questions for an hour, and never tried to sugar coat or downplay his position on Obamacare, climate change and other hot-button issues. He needed a police escort out of the building when the meeting was over.

That’s a refreshing change from other Republican congressmen who have canceled town hall meetings, cut short presentations, or sneaked out of the building when confronted by hostile constituents. They are learning that Obamacare has become a third rail of American politics–you’re toast if you touch it.

A cynic–I’ll raise my hand here–would point out that McClintock is in a safe Republican district and doesn’t have to worry about some liberals and progressives who don’t like what he has to say.

new lamalfa

Doug LaMalfa: MIA

The same can be said of Rep. Doug LaMalfa, but he apparently doesn’t have the guts to face hostile constituents. Several groups concerned about the health care issue tried to make an appointment with their congressman, but were told no openings existed for weeks.

So about 75 people visited LaMalfa’s part-time office in Auburn to find nobody there. Notes and messages were placed on the doors and windows, but later removed. The Union tried but couldn’t reach a spokesman for LaMalfa to comment.

At a time when most members of the House are scheduling town hall meetings in their districts, LaMalfa lists none on his official web site. I guess he’s too busy getting his marching orders from the Republican leadership in Washington.

Or maybe he’s just laying low.

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4 Responses to McClintock stands up while LaMalfa bails out

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    Yeah those protestors. Like Berkeley no one wants to allow them to throw a bomb at them. I recall when Obama was shunned by his party members when they were running for office. But the democrats shunned the people simply trying to get answers. The democrats and their paid thugs are all about intimidation through fear. Go interview Milo for us. I bet that will be a hit!

    • What makes you guys think there are paid thugs involved in every anti-Trump protest? You’re almost as divorced from reality as the man himself, who now claims the media is covering up terrorist attacks and that any poll that shows him in a bad light is “fake news.”

  2. Todd Juvinall says:

    I just read Podunk’s comments on this post. You really get under his skin.

    • Jeffie prefers to view everything in black and white, instead of various shades of gray. Pointing out a virtue of somebody doesn’t mean you support him, but that distinction is apparently too subtle for Podunk.

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