It’s not easy being a progressive around here

It’s difficult to adhere to the high standards of political purity required of our local progressives, and sometimes even people with the best of intentions stumble.  Take two of our leading lights: Reinette Senum and Jeff “Podunk” Pelline.

Senum has been relatively quiet since that little dust-up last summer when her claim that cops are hired assassins got the town she claims to love unwanted national attention, but she has resurfaced with the announcement that she’s starting a new blog,

She apparently wants to create some separation between herself and the city of Nevada City, where she sits on the city council, so there’s no confusion when she peddles her wacky conspiracy theories or promotes her newest 5-minute crusade. As she proclaims: “My name is Reinette Senum and I am a Human Foghorn.”

Pelline welcomed this new addition to the local blogosphere by noting that “It comes amid a resurgence in the local progressive movement on the heals of the Donald Trump presidency.”

Jeffie was apparently so excited by the announcement–by the way, he was scooped by Russ Steele over at Rebane’s Ruminations–that he missed, or ignored, Senum’s perhaps inadvertent slap at women. Explaining the ground rules of her blog, she wrote:

“Please note, I have the right to change my opinion according to information I receive; I am a woman.”

Talk about perpetuating sexist stereotypes! I wonder what The Union’s progressive columnist Hilary Hodge thinks about that?

Of course, you wouldn’t expect Pelline to pick up on something like that since he’s a fanboy of Uber,  which was the subject of a boycott after an ill-timed promotion at Kennedy Airport gave the appearance of trying to break a taxi strike called to protest Trump’s immigration policy. The boycott, #deleteUber, prompted an estimated 200,000 people to drop the app.

That didn’t bother Podunk, who used the service extensively during a recent trip to Reno. He’s also used Uber in other cities even though its CEO, Travis Kalanick, served on Trump’s economic advisory council and now proclaims surprise that a former female engineer at Uber left because of a nightmarish, sexist work environment.

But that’s what you can expect from these Tesla progressives, who can talk the talk but don’t always walk the walk. Maybe local progressives should #deleteSenumPelline.

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5 Responses to It’s not easy being a progressive around here

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    Now that’s funny! Senum still has yet to tell the donating public what she did with the sled-dog money for a documentary. Pelline is a hypocrite about a lot of things and this is just another one. LOL! I would expect Senum and Pelline will be chatting back and forth as they are “birds of a feather” liberals.

  2. fish says:

    Pelline welcomed this new addition to the local blogosphere by noting that “It comes amid a resurgence in the local progressive movement on the heals of the Donald Trump presidency.”

    “heals”? I have a hard time believing that a masters degree wielding professional newspaper editor would make such an embarrassing spelling error.

  3. jeffpelline says:

    You’re an angry, old man.

  4. Pelline apparently has no problem with sexist stereotypes and ignores the anti-progressive actions of Uber. Your typical Tesla progressive: He talks the talk, but can’t walk the walk.

  5. In other progressive news of the day, Elon Musk doesn’t want any unions representing his Tesla wage slaves, and Kara Swisher, maven of high tech political correctness, weighs in on fanboy’s favorite ride hailing service

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