Correction of a post based on erroneous information

I published a post December 7, “There’s Reinette Senum, and then there’s the truth,” in which I criticized Senum for telling The Union that a demonstrator at the Standing Rock protest almost had her arm blown off by a water cannon.

After the original story was published, Senum informed the reporter that she said the woman was injured by a concussion grenade, not a water cannon, and cited several other errors in the reporting of the story.

My post appeared five days after the original story appeared in The Union, and no corrections or clarifications of the original story had appeared in the print edition of The Union by then. The paper apparently concluded that Senum was right and its reporter was wrong, and corrected the online version of the article, but never formally acknowledge the original mistake. (I rarely read the online version of the paper.)

Based on The Union’s original reporting, I criticized Senum for lying about the incident in an effort to advance her political agenda. I apologize for my erroneous criticism.

The original item was published almost three months ago. Since the premise of the post was based on erroneous information, I have removed it from this blog.

–George Boardman

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1 Response to Correction of a post based on erroneous information

  1. Senum ran this item on her Facebook page and introduced it as “The Union correction.” Wrong. I corrected the post in this blog. The Union can speak for itself.

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