A ‘presidential’ Trump? Talk about wishful thinking

“The time for trivial fights in behind us.”–President Donald Trump

Many people were hopeful that we would be getting a more mature, responsible president after Trump’s address to Congress, a one-hour speech in which he actually appeared to have what it takes to do the job.

But it didn’t take long for the real Trump to reemerge. First he trashed Arnold Schwarzenegger for quitting “Celebrity Apprentice” and then he claimed–without offering any proof–that President Barack Obama wire tapped Trump Tower during the presidential campaign.


The buck stops before it gets to Trump

Trump was apparently motivated by a story published Friday by Breitbart News outlining actions allegedly taken by the Obama administration to monitor Trump Tower during the campaign. Their source for this information: Right wing nut case Mark Levin.

Levin referenced stories from the New York Times and other well-known purveyors of fake news on his radio program Thursday, then concluded: “The question is: Was Obama surveiling top Trump campaign officials during the election? We absolutely know this is true.”

Trump, having dipped into the alt-right conspiracy fever swamp again, offered no proof to back up his claim and now expects Congress to launch an investigation. Members from both parties on the Senate and House intelligence committees expressed bewilderment Sunday at the president’s allegations.

We know this much for a fact: Trump will believe anything he’s told that comports with what he wants to believe. We’re still waiting for evidence of the several million illegal votes cast for Hillary Clinton.

The claim that he got the most electoral votes since Reagan? “Those were just numbers somebody put in front of me,” he explained when one of those pesky reporters told him he was wrong. Apparently he doesn’t insist that his staff people give him accurate information.

He also isn’t interested in any conclusions from our intelligence agencies that don’t validate what he believes, particularly the conclusion that Muslims from the seven countries he wants to ban don’t pose any particular terrorism risk to the United States.

Trump doesn’t even have the guts to take responsibility for failed missions he authorizes,  like the raid in Yemen that cost the life of Navy Chief Petty Officer “Ryan” Owens.

He had no qualms about parading Owens’ widow before the nation, but the buck stopped long before it got to Trump. “This is a mission that started before I got here,” he explained. “They came to me, they explained what they wanted to do, the generals…And they lost Ryan.”

John F. Kennedy was in a similar situation when he became president and inherited the Bay of Pigs invasion from his predecessor, Dwight Eisenhower. But when it failed, he didn’t blame anybody else:

“Further statements, detailed discussions, are not to conceal responsibility because I’m the responsible officer of the government.”

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3 Responses to A ‘presidential’ Trump? Talk about wishful thinking

  1. Trump apparently didn’t bother to call the FBI or NIA to find out if any warrants had been issued to tap his phones after reading about it in Breitbart News. He’s just trying to create another diversion from his Russia problems.

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