Conspiracy theories are alive and thriving at Ruminations

The boys over at Rebane’s Ruminations are all excited over the possibility that a murdered member of the staff of the Democratic National Committee may have leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks, and was killed in retaliation. Even the good doctor is apparently buying into this.

Seth Rich, who had worked for the DNC for about a year, was killed while on a late night walk in Washington, D.C., last summer. The investigation is still open, but DC police suspect it was a botched robbery. But the alt right drum beaters ascribe a more sinister motive to his death.

The speculation started last August when Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks who is well-known for his probity and honesty, said whistle blowers who supply information to Wikileaks take significant risks, and pointed to Rich’s death as an example. But when pressed by an interviewer, he wouldn’t say whether Rich was Wikileak’s source of the DNC emails.

Then came Rod Wheeler, a private detective whose a regular on Fox News, who told Fox’s D.C. affiliate there was “tangible evidence” Rich communicated with Wikileaks before his death. When pressed by CNN the next day, Wheeler said he had “no evidence” about such contact and “only learned about the possible existence of such evidence” through a reporter from Fox News.

Now we have Kim Dotcom, a fugitive from justice, claiming he hooked up with Rich to leak the emails to Wikileaks. In case you’re not familiar with Mr. Dotcom, he was the operator of the Megaupload pirating site before he was busted a couple of years ago in New Zealand. He is currently fighting extradition to the U.S., where he faces 13 charges of racketeering, copyright infringement, money laundering and wire fraud that could get him 20 years in prison.

So there you have it: Two fugitives from justice and a detective who can’t get his story straight, but none of that bothers the conspiracy buffs over at Ruminations, where they know a cover-up when they see one.

Don Bessee, who is expected to provide a level-headed approach to the cultivation of marijuana in this county (wink, wink), is on-board with the latest revelations and local conspiracy enthusiast Russ Steele seems particularly excited over Dotcom’s claims, but then we’ve heard this before.

Steele was all over the claims that Hillary Clinton suffered from Parkinson’s disease (apparently not true), that Obama wiretapped Trump (Trump’s Justice Department can’t find the evidence Steele has), and now he’s willing to believe a fugitive from justice.

Steele claims to be a big booster of STEM education and concerned about the intellectual rot in our institutions of higher learning. If he wants an example of intellectual rot, all Steele has to do is read his own comments and those of his fellow conspirators.

THIS JUST IN: The zaniness never stops at Ruminations. Todd Juvinall is claiming that John F. Kennedy was assassinated by his own supporters. I’ll bet he also thinks Watergate was a hoax. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Todd inhaled way too much sawdust for his own good.

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6 Responses to Conspiracy theories are alive and thriving at Ruminations

  1. Fox News has retracted its story on Rich, and even Sean Hannity has decided to back off the story. Another conspiracy bites the dust.

  2. Steve Frisch says:

    See, that proves the power of the mainstream media to crush the real news even at Fox. First they got rid of Bill O’Reilly, then they killed Roger Ailes….don’t you see it George, the liberals control it all!

  3. Todd Juvinall says:

    Please show me where I said JFK’s supporters killed him. I simply don’t recall that. And if I did it was a tongue oin cheek. As I believe Lee Harvey was the only shooter. And I never did drugs or alcohol as you apparnetly did. My noggin is unscathed.

    • Your memory must be fading. You wrote the following on Ruminations at 9:23 a.m. on May 22: “The democrats are so corrupt. They even murder. They killed JFK and when confronted they take people out to keep a lid on their crimes.” After Paul Emery badgered you about this for several hours, you wrote the following at 1:56 p.m.: “Yes Paul Emery the dems/commies trained you boy to kill Kennedy.”

      If that was an attempt at tongue in cheek humor, you missed the mark. You’re not sophisticated enough to indulge in subtle commentary. Linking the Democrats to the Communists shows your noggin in far from unscathed.

    • Todd Juvinall says:

      Oh please that is a made story to get you libs/dems pissed. Just doing what you all do an I see you can’t take it. And it is all for Paul Emery anyway. I do that to jab him as he really believes there was a shooter on the grassy knoll.

    • Interesting how I revived your memory.

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