Wonders will never cease

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline, who has had nothing nice to say about The Union since management showed him the door several years ago, actually gave the newspaper credit for beating YubaNet with the story that ex-Supervisor Terry Lamphier’s no-contest plea to porn charges has been dismissed by a judge.

Why didn’t YubaNet have the story? Because nobody sent them a press release! LOL.

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3 Responses to Wonders will never cease

  1. Podunk think’s I’m “a doddering old fool” because I wrote it has been “several” (an indefinite number more than two and fewer than many) years since he left The Union in bitterness. He insists on precision. OK, it’s been eight years since he left The Union in bitterness. As Dr. Phil can tell him, it isn’t healthy to retain that kind of resentment for so long.

  2. Jeffy seems to become delusional whenever he goes to Tofanelli’s. He didn’t see me when I was there, and he thinks he saw me when I wasn’t there.

    Then there’s his blog, where you will see a picture of the spring issue of his “magazine” with instructions to “Click on icon for fall issue of Sierra FoodWineArt.” Let’s see how long it takes him to correct it.

  3. Podunk has called me a doddering old fool and an idiot in recent weeks. This is the same guy who criticizes local conservatives for engaging in name calling and personal attacks when they can’t win an argument. Pot meet kettle.

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