Where is Royal’s candidate for sheriff?

Sheriff’s Capt. Shannan Moon earlier this week joined former Grass Valley Police Chief John Foster in a historic bid to succeed Keith Royal as sheriff of Nevada County.

Now all we need is Royal’s preferred successor to announce his candidacy.

Who’s his favorite?

When Foster announced in December he was entering the race to succeed Royal, who will retire after 20 years in office, the sheriff said he’ll support a different candidate to replace him. Since he hasn’t endorsed Moon, we have to assume Royal’s candidate will declare in the future if he hasn’t decided to back-out.

Anybody endorsed by Royal would attract the support of the law-and-order types in the county, particularly those residents who are bitterly opposed to the cultivation and sale of marijuana.

Foster and Moon have expressed a willingness to accept the will of the people and live with pot, something Royal’s supporters don’t want to hear. Moon is promoting the concept of a more modern and transparent sheriff’s office, and even wants to start using body cameras, something Royal has already rejected. This is not music to the ears of law-and-order types.

Moon points to her experience running the jail, an operation that has had its problems in the recent past.  The county was sued recently over the death of inmate Joshua Hightower, alleging jail personnel didn’t do enough to ensure his safety or properly investigate his death. The suit claims drugs were allowed into the jail.

Then there was the ruling of the state Court of Appeals in 2015, upholding a claim that the sheriff’s office violated the constitutional rights of inmates by severely restricting their access to counsel. “The jail restriction is an exaggerated response ” to security concerns, the court ruled.

Moon is a lesbian, something she doesn’t attempt to hide. While this doesn’t affect her ability to do the job (heck, she’s been a deputy for 27 years), we know it will influence the decision of some voters. The LGBTQ community will largely support her, but we also know there are social conservatives in the community who will vote against her precisely because she is a lesbian.

Moon and Foster represent a break from the past, unless Royal’s candidate surfaces. Then we can have a real debate about the future of law enforcement in this county.

MEDIA SPOTLIGHT: The local media pretty much ignored Moon’s sexual orientation, letting people figure it out after reading the following sentence from her press release: “She lives in Grass Valley with her wife Amy and three daughters.”

But you can bet the media outside Nevada County won’t be so circumspect when the campaign season heats up next year. A lesbian seeking to become a sheriff in the nation’s most populous state will be big news in California’s major media, and eventually a national story. It will be interesting to see how the locals react to the coverage we’re going to get.

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24 Responses to Where is Royal’s candidate for sheriff?

  1. fish says:

    But you can bet the media outside Nevada County won’t be so circumspect when the campaign season heats up next year. A lesbian seeking to become a sheriff in the nation’s most populous state will be big news in California’s major media, and eventually a national story. It will be interesting to see how the locals react to the coverage we’re going to get.

    Hardly as ground breaking as you think. Type lesbian sheriff into Google and you get a decent number of responses.

    • Just wait and see. I’m waiting for the day some big-time correspondent is walking around town interviewing residents. First he encounters Todd Juvinall, then he interviews Reinette Senum. Talk about great television!

  2. Don Bessee says:

    It would be funnier if your hypothetical journalist interviewed them at the same time. The Sheriff and his wife were at Capt. Moon’s announcement party George.

  3. rl crabb says:

    When will Todd remind us that Moon is just another degenerate, like he did with Hilary Hodge in The Union comments last week?

    • Todd Juvinall says:

      Never said anything derogatory about her sexual choices. Only that we don’t need to know those things. You are a fake news speader.

    • Todd Juvinall says:

      Of course you never attack anyone right? Pot meet kettle. And never said anything derogatory about her sexual preferences. That is why people hate you press people. Liars all.

  4. rl crabb says:

    The Union removed your “degenerate” comment, but you said it.

  5. The perennially perplexed Judith Lowry is complaining over at Jeffy’s blog that I suppressed the “truth” when I declined to run a rambling comment about Shannan Moon’s affiliation with a native American organization. But I will give her credit for coming up with a PC term I never heard before when she referred to Moon’s “gender spectrum orientation.”

    • fish says:

      It reminded me of what our high school physics teacher, Mr. Newman, used to ask our class: “Are you part of the solution, or part of the problem?”

      Well…..if eating yourself to the size of a Volkswagen is part of the solution….then mission accomplished!

      Every time Pelline makes a blog post he reveals just how worthless a masters from Northwestern really is!

      “Low lying fruit”……?!?!

    • Judith Lowry says:

      My question still stands. The Tsi Akim Corporation was founded and supported by the candidate’s mother and uncle along with friends and extended family, politicians, non-profits, business people and about a zillion clueless hippies. If Shannan Moon claims to know nothing of the corporation’s activities over the last twenty years then it would appear that she isn’t terribly observant as a law enforcement investigator.
      This is really about protecting those who blundered ignorantly into the corporation and were taken in. You know the names.
      This is also about honesty and loyalty to our county, let’s not pretend there’s nothing there.

    • I think it’s safe to assume that you’re the only person who has raised this issue. But I wouldn’t worry about it–Moon won’t make it to the November runoff.

  6. Todd Juvinall says:

    I met Shannon last night at a fundraiser as well as her mate. I knew her dad when I was a Supe. She seems quite capable of thew job.

    (NOTE: The rest of this comment was deleted because it involved extraneous criticism of another person.)

  7. Barry Pruett says:

    Shannan and Amy are super cool. Shannan definitely knows the job and has strong support in the broad community. This race will be interesting.

  8. keepmarsred says:

    Okay Crabb, you called it. Now the question is who has the best chance to beat Royal’s jarhead protege. Union polls are basically worthless, anyone recall if early votes are counted before election day? Moon, lacking the luxury of retirement status, seems way behind Foster in drumming up vocal support. If we had ranked choice ballots this wouldn’t be an issue and Smethers would be the biggest long shot of the lot.

    • What does Crabb have to do with this?

      My guess is Foster and Smethers will make it to a run-off in November. If you want more Royal-type law-and-order, you vote for Smethers. If you want a change, you vote for Foster. Moon is stuck in the middle and will lose out.

  9. keepmarsred says:

    Are you the author? Can you see how the letterhead of this blog and lack of name on the article might give locals the wrong idea? If a candidate needs 50%+1 or more than a runoff seems likely. Finally found the follow up article. Thanks for the reminder on the measure w stuff.

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