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Take it from a seasoned journalist: The campaign can get ugly when you run against yourself

Jeff  “Podunk” Pelline, proclaiming himself a seasoned journalist, predicts an “ugly, polarizing” race for the third supervisorial district next year. Of course, incumbent Supervisor Dan Miller is the only candidate to actually enter the race, but that doesn’t stop the seasoned … Continue reading

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What office is Hodge seeking? How about GV Council?

Hilary Hodge, The Union’s featured columnist on Tuesday, announced in today’s column that she’s going to drop the column and run for public office. (Maybe that’s why they put a new mug shot on her column a couple of months … Continue reading

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They may vote for Trump, but they’re not his kind of people

Charles Pecker, owner of the National Enquirer, is a long-time buddy of Donald Trump, and that bias is reflected in his supermarket tabloid known for its shaky relationship to the facts. The bias was certainly obvious during last year’s election … Continue reading

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Memo to Podunk: Silicon Valley ain’t what it used to be

Jeff “Podunk” Pelline says I’m wrong when I include Uber, a San Francisco company, in Silicon Valley. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about that: “As more high-tech companies were established across the Santa Clara Valley, and then north toward … Continue reading

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