Grass Valley’s probably isn’t going to promote this honor

Grass Valley, which considers itself a top contender for quaint foothill tourist destination honors, has been proclaimed one of the “10 Most White Trash Cities in California” by an online outfit called

Nevada City has at least one

While Roadsnacks was quick to label the list “infotainment” and urged people not to freak out, that didn’t stop local partisans from freaking out on Facebook and other outlets.

The numbers crunchers came up with the list by looking for towns with a high percentage of white people, and then negative social indicators like poverty, high school drop-outs, single mothers, and drug use. Grass Valley finished 5th on the list, behind the likes of Mendota, Red Bluff, Arvin and Madera.

I’m skeptical of the researchers’ conclusion. There aren’t that many dilapidated trailers or abandoned cars in Grass Valley and I’ve never heard anybody mention Honey Boo Boo, but I do know a guy in Nevada City who has a “hillbilly hot tub”–an old bath tub out by the garage he fills with hot water with a hose attached to his kitchen faucet. Charming.

But I did notice that all 10 towns on the list are represented by Republican members of Congress, suggesting these burghs are a source of Donald Trump’s core constituency. (It’s also worth noting that 40 percent of the towns are within the boundaries of the proposed State of Jefferson.)

Those towns would be Red Bluff, Grass Valley, Corning and Anderson, which are all represented by our very own Rep. Doug LaMalfa. That ties LaMalfa for first place with House majority leader Kevin McCarthy, whose district includes nominees Arvin, Taft, McFarland and Shafter.

The two other towns on the list are Madera (represented by Rep. Tom McClintock) and Mendota (Rep. David Valadao). Draw your own conclusions.

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3 Responses to Grass Valley’s probably isn’t going to promote this honor

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    But wait! Aren’t these towns in the State of California run by democrats in super majority? The Republicans have tried to get jobs and hope but your liberal politicians have dried up the money and locked up the resources that once employed the people. So this finger ponting at LaMalfa and McClintock is laughable. And they represnt what, almost half the counties in the state? So, if you want to point I say look to your pals Jerry Brown and the DeLeon characters. They will soon arrest you for calling an LGBT-Q a gender thety disagree with.

  2. rl crabb says:

    The rural complaint is that Democrats don’t spend more tax $$$ in the hinterlands. If the Republicans were in charge there wouldn’t be any tax $$$ to send to the hinterlands.

    • Todd Juvinall says:

      Oh we know taxes are necessary and we pay them. It is the amount and the issues of punishing success and the expenditures we c are about.

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