Only the naive and gullible will buy Podunk’s argument

Jeffie “Podunk” Pelline wasted a lot of time Sunday night criticizing a column I never wrote. Maybe the thin air at his mountain retreat is getting to his brain.

Moderate? Really?

Jeffie’s criticism of my column in today’s edition of The Union is another part of his campaign to convince the local yokels that Assemblyman Brian Dahle is a moderate in a conservative’s clothing. Regardless of what Dahle does or doesn’t do, Jeffie will never admit he’s wrong about Dahle or anything else.

Podunk concedes that Dahle votes like a conservative and talks like a conservative, then offers the following to suggest that looks can be deceiving:

–Dahle does what every other elected official does, respond to his constituents concerns and attend various forums in his district;

–Special interest advocates like Peter Zan Vant and Izzy Martin work both sides of the political aisle;

–Dahle backs legislation that will create jobs in his district, like AB 590 promoting biomass plants.

Only the naive and gullible would take this as evidence that Dahle is a moderate Republican. But there is one piece of evidence Jeffie can’t get around: The hard-line conservatives in the Assembly Republican caucus didn’t pick Dahle to lead them because they think he’s a moderate.

Heck, Podunk even screwed up the headline: He should have said I was out in “right field,” not “left field.” You know: right, conservative; left, liberal. Maybe you can explain it to the man who knows everything.

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4 Responses to Only the naive and gullible will buy Podunk’s argument

  1. Now Jeffie’s dragging out an old letter to the editor of The Union in which the top guy at SYRCL tries to cover his butt by accusing me of erroneous reporting. Here’s my response to that letter:

  2. Now Jeffie’s whining that I haven’t responded to two emails demanding that I apologize to him for claiming he called Dahle a “moderate” when he actually called him a “pragmatist.” The second one came at 9:35 p.m. yesterday. (Doesn’t this man have a life with his family? Does his wife know what he’s up to after it gets dark? She should be able to find help for him around here.)

    I never put quote marks around the word moderate and a quick Google search shows that in the political sense, “pragmatic” is synonymous with “moderate,” to the extent you can actually define the word. I easily found two articles that contend Ronald Reagan and Bernie Sanders were/are pragmatists.

    Maybe you should try to be a little more precise, mr. ex-big time journalist.

    • Todd Juvinall says:

      He does do his best to find things wrong and then exploits them. I don’t get that mental state.

    • I’m the only guy who can get Pelline to come to Dan Miller’s defense by criticizing KNCO for leaving him on the air after announcing he’s running for reelection. That’s quite a reversal for the guy who constantly criticized the “Miller Time” banner hoisted over the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce’s office during the last election.

      If I wrote Miller is a candidate for sainthood, Pelline would claim he’s the Devil incarnate.

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