The first football rankings for the Foothills 4

Forget about the Sacramento Bee and all of those other prep football polls out there, we’re going to focus on the four schools people around here care about: Nevada Union, Bear River, Place and Colfax high schools.

Unlike the other polls, the analyst at Roadkill–that would be me–is not impressed with reputation, legendary coaches, or storied programs. Our ratings are based on how a team is performing this year and the quality of the opposition.

Our ratings are strictly a numbers game, free of bias and other factors that impede clear thinking. With 20 percent of the season in the record books, this is how we rate the local teams:

  1. Colfax                  135.0
  2. Bear River           112.5
  3. Nevada Union   107.8
  4. Placer                    99.3

Nevada Union has by far the most difficult schedule of the four schools, but its opening week loss to Antelope offset any boost that would give the Miners in the ratings.

Colfax captured the top spot because of its strong start, winning by 48 and 22 points against average competition. History shows that Colfax will come back to the pack as the season progresses. In any case, ratings are more volatile at the start of the season because so few games have been played.

Let’s see how much change–if any–there is next week.

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