Miners only 1 of Foothills 4 to avoid a cream puff schedule

The Foothills 4 football teams have completed 40 percent of their schedules, but it’s difficult to tell exactly how good they are.

Questions remain because 3 of the 4 schools have played truly cream puff schedules: Bear River’s foes have a combined record of 4-11, Colfax’s opponents are 3-10, and Placer played teams with a combined record of 4-9. Only Nevada Union, whose opponents are 10-5, tested its mettle.

That partially explains the impressive undefeated records of Colfax and Bear River, with Colfax winning by an average of 40 points and Bruins prevailing by an average of 30. On the other hand, that’s what good teams are supposed to do: Beat up on the weak ones.

The competition gets a little more difficult for three of the teams this week. The exception is Colfax, which plays a truly awful Wheatland High team.

With all of that in mind, here are my predictions for 3 of the 4 schools this week. (I don’t predict games until each team has played 4 games, and Bear River’s opponent, El Dorado, has played just 3 games.):

Nevada Union (2-2) over Rocklin (3-1) by 1.5 points

Miners coach Dennis Houlihan is 0-23 in Sierra Foothills League play since taking over the team. This game is basically a toss-up with NU getting a slight edge. But I also picked the Miners to win their league opener last season and I was wrong.

Placer (3-1) over Vista del Lago (2-2) by 1 point

Another toss-up game that can go either way.

Colfax (4-0) over Wheatland (0-4) by 55 points

Colfax should be embarrassed to play these kinds of teams. It will be the upset of the year if Wheatland wins.

This week’s ranking are:

  1. Colfax                           120.3
  2. Bear River                   117.6
  3. Nevada Union            106.1
  4. Placer                             95.3
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2 Responses to Miners only 1 of Foothills 4 to avoid a cream puff schedule

  1. Barry Pruett says:

    I’ll take Rocklin with the points. While the Miners look way better this year, Rocklin at home is going to be a tough away game for the boys. Thanks for the league and Miner updates..

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