Miners weren’t in a game that should have been close

Nevada Union’s football team had a reasonable chance to beat Rocklin last week, giving the Miners their first Sierra Foothill League victory is over 4 years.

Unfortunately, the numbers didn’t account for the 4 turnovers and 10 penalties that led to 26 points for Rocklin.  That was enough to win a game where the final score was 39-22 Rocklin.

Three of the turnovers were interceptions, which is 2 more completions than NU managed to achieve. The passing game was 1 for 12 with 3 INT. That kind of performance won’t win at any level.

NU travels to Del Oro (3-2) Friday for its second league game. The numbers give Del Oro a slight edge, but a repeat of NU’s inept play will turn this game into another lopsided loss.

Bear River, Placer and Colfax won last week, and all three are off this week before starting league play. The ranking of the Foothills 4 remains unchanged:

  1. Colfax                        129.3
  2. Bear River                121.2
  3. Nevada Union         104.7
  4. Placer                        101.4

This week’s pick:

Del Oro (3-2) over Nevada Union (2-3) by 3 points

Last week’s picks:

We rated the games involving Nevada Union and Placer as toss-ups, your basic 50-50 propositions. As you would expect 1 won (Placer) and 1 lost (NU).

We had Colfax 55 points better than Wheatland, and they won 48-0. They must have played a lot of reserves in the second half.


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