Bear Rivers looks to build on 5-0 record as league play begins; Nevada Union’s last chance for a football win this season

Bear River begins Pioneer Valley League play Friday against Lincoln with the confidence and momentum you would expect from a team that’s started the season 5-0.

The Bruins are also healthy and well rested, coming off a bye week. Lincoln (4-1) will be seeking the unofficial Nevada County football crown after defeating Nevada Union earlier this season.

Bear River has built its record on a solid ground game and a stingy defense that’s given up less than 9 points a game, limiting 4 of its opponents to 10 points or less. The Bruins haven’t played the toughest non-league schedule possible, but they’ve done what good teams do–beat up on weak sisters.

Speaking of weak sisters, Nevada Union faces the prospect of a 3-7 season as it takes on Woodcreek (1-5) this week. If they don’t win this game, the Miners figure to finish the season 2-8 because they have little chance against the last 3 teams on their schedule.

Woodcreek offers the seniors the opportunity to win their first–and probably last–Sierra Foothill League game during their 4 years at NU. (Hey, you have to take motivation wherever you can find it.)

Because the Miners were the only one of the Foothills 4 to play last week, there was little change in the rankings. That could change this week with Colfax visiting Placer. The rankings:

  1. Colfax                   123.5
  2. Bear River           121.2
  3. Nevada Union    101.2
  4. Placer                    96.0

This week’s picks

Bear River (5-0) over Lincoln (4-1) by 9 points

The Fighting Zebras are the toughest team BR has faced so far this season but the Bruins should have enough fire power to win.

Nevada Union (2-4)  over Woodcreek (1-5) by 13 points

This is a team the Miners can beat, and they better because the schedule gets really tough starting next week.

Colfax (5-0) over Placer (4-1) by 24.5 points

Colfax has played some really weak schools, but how good can the Hillmen be if their only loss is to NU?

Season Record: As predicted, NU lost to Del Oro last week, bringing the season record to 3-1.

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