Time for Bruins to regroup, Miners to play out the schedule

Bear River still has a chance to compile an excellent record, but Nevada Union is just playing out the schedule of another disappointing season after last week’s upset losses.

Meanwhile, Lincoln is the undisputed champion of western Nevada County football after dispatching first NU and now Bear River. Therein lies a story.

Lincoln coach Chris Bean was the JV coach at Bear River when he applied for the Lincoln job, and some Bruins partisans appealed to the Board of Trustees to fire the current coaches and hire Bean. Maybe they knew what they were talking about.

Nevada Union’s performance against Woodcreek showed the Miners are not only thin on talent, they are poorly coached and poorly prepared. But they did throw Woodcreek a lifeline.

“Woodcreek badly needed a win to keep the wheels from falling off,” Joe Davidson wrote in the Sacramento Bee, “and the Timberwolves delivered a heart-check rally in Grass Valley to salvage a season that still has legs.”

They were led by quarterback Carter Krupp, who threw for 4 TDs and ran for 3 others. You would think it would occur to the Miners’ coaches that they needed to give young Mr. Krupp special attention. Instead, he was nominated for Player of the Week by the Bee.

The Miners now finish their season against 3 of the 5 top rated teams in the region, beginning with No. 1 Folsom tonight. NU has lost 28 straight games in the Sierra Foothill League since 2012, and figures to extend the streak to 31 by the time the season’s over.

This week’s picks:

Bear River (5-1) over Foothill (1-5) by 40 points

Last week’s embarrassing loss to Lincoln should be more than enough to motivate the Bruins, even with Colfax looming on the horizon.

Folsom (7-0)  over Nevada Union (2-5) by 38 points

The Miners have no chance against the region’s top-ranked team. Woodcreek was their last chance to win a game this season.

Placer (5-1) over Center (4-2) by 7 points

This projects to be the closest game involving the Foothills 4, but the Hillmen have shown they can play with the big boys.

Colfax (5-1) over Lincoln (5-1) by 15.5 points

The Fighting Zebras (who comes up with these names?) may be the best team in western Nevada County, but they’ll have a tough time against a Colfax team that’s smarting from an upset.

All 3 of last week’s picks went down in flames, bringing our season record to a less-than-stellar 3-4. Apparently the Foothills 4 aren’t as easy to predict as I thought.

It turns out there was a computation error in the program I wrote to project the winners. I still would have picked the same teams to win last week, but fixing the error impacts the rankings of the Foothills 4. Here are new, revised, more accurate rankings:

  1. Bear River                  131.0
  2. Colfax                          129.8
  3. Placer                          113.0
  4. Nevada Union             98.3
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