Bear River needs 1 more win to make the playoffs

Bear River needs one more victory against a Pioneer Valley League rival to guarantee a spot in post-season play, and a win against Placer tonight in its final home game of the season would be a good place to get it.

If nothing else, a victory would give the Bruins partial local bragging rights after giving up 4 TD passes last week in a 31-14 loss to Colfax.

Placer (7-1) comes into the game in first place in the PVL, but our numbers give the Bruins a slight edge over the Hillmen in this home game. If BR can’t get the job done this week, a mediocre Center (4-4) awaits in the final scheduled game of the season.

This week’s picks:

Bear River (6-2) over Place (7-1) by 6 points

The Bruins have played a slightly tougher schedule and are at home, always worth a couple of points. This should be close either way.

Oak Ridge (8-0) over Nevada Union (2-7) by 27 points

Will the Miners end the season with their third shut-out in a row? It would be a fitting end to the team’s tenure in the Sierra Foothill League, where it has gone 5-38 in league play, 0-28 under current coach Dennis Houlihan.

Colfax (6-2) over Center (4-4) by 18 points

Colfax has played a weaker schedule, but has performed better and shouldn’t have much trouble in this game.

The Picks: We went 3-0 last week to bring the season record to a respectable 9-5. That’s 6-1 in the last 2 weeks. Nothing like closing with a rush.

The Rankings: Bear River moved up a notch despite its loss to Colfax, primarily because it has played a slightly tougher schedule than Placer:

  1. Colfax                  126.8
  2. Bear River           117.8
  3. Placer                   114.9
  4. Nevada Union     96.4
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