Colfax has an easier path to the playoffs than Bear River

The Bear River and Colfax football teams have to win their season finales tonight to qualify for post-season play, even though each school would have a 2-3 league record.

But that’s the way things work in an era where everybody gets a trophy, even if it’s just for participating.

Colfax has a considerably easier path to the playoffs, taking on Foothill (1-8) at home. Meanwhile, the Bruins have to travel to Antelope to play Center (5-4) in what should be a mudfest.

Bear River is going to have to turn things around if it wants to advance to the playoffs: The team has lost 2 straight and 3 of its last 4 games. Center is on the upswing after beating Colfax last week.

Bear River is in a toss-up game while Colfax should easily advance to the playoffs.

This week’s prediction:

Bear River (6-3) vs. Center (5-4) toss-up

If momentum means anything, Center has the edge here.

Colfax (6-3) over Foothill (1-8) by 35.5 points

Foothill’s just playing out the schedule and Colfax needs the win.

Placer (8-1) over Lincoln (8-1) by 8 points

The 2 leaders meet for the championship of the Pioneer Valley League. The Hillmen have the edge in this home game.

The Results: Last week’s picks went 1-2 to bring the season record to 10-7. We need a sweep this week to make the season record respectable.

The Rankings: The top 3 teams moved closer together. You need a telescope to find Nevada Union.

  1. Colfax                      118.8
  2. Bear River              115.8
  3. Placer                      115.8
  4. Nevada Union        86.1
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