Hey, Jeffie, why didn’t you disclose YOUR conflict of interest?

Regular readers of his blog know that Podunk Pelline has a double standard for activities in these parts: There’s one standard that applies to Jeffie and a second standard that applies to everybody else.

A good example can be found on his blog, where he offered yet another criticism of The Union under the headline “The Union’s ‘roofied’ article is podunk journalism,” in which he actually comments on a news story.

This is unusual for Jeffie, who generally zeros in on the writing of the publisher, editor and various columnists (I believe I’m the leader in the latter category) for failing to adhere to the kind of  progressive thinking that will attract a younger readership.

Now the alleged former big-time journalist finds fault with a story about a woman who claims she was drugged at a bar in Nevada City. Podunk wrote there “is not enough proof to justify such prominent placement of the report. It is one-source article from…” the alleged victim. The Union “should have waited for more information before it published this article.”

When is there enough “information” to write about an alleged crime? Stories routinely appear in the news media about people being arrested before they are formally charged and long before they go to trial. And what about Harvey Weinstein and Roy Moore? All we have to go on is what their alleged victims are saying.

Stories are even written about crimes–like bank robberies–before anybody is arrested and charged with the crime. (Jeffie knows about bank robberies in his high-crime neighborhood.)

Pelline claims the story is single-source even though the owner of the bar is quoted along with the alleged victim. Pelline doesn’t mention this and doesn’t identify the establishment, strange for an alleged professional journalist.

Aw, but then you read the article in The Union and discover the bar was the Golden Era Lounge, a regular advertiser in Podunk’s “magazine” that has received lavish praise from the publisher, starting before it even opened.

Podunk should have disclosed this conflict of interest. After all, he criticized The Union a couple of weeks ago for not disclosing Dollar General is a potential advertiser when the paper criticized the county planning commission’s handling of the zoning for the stores:

“The Union’s conflict of interest in supporting Dollar General stores”.https://sierrafoothillsreport.com/2017/11/03/the-unions-conflict-of-interest-in-supporting-dollar-general-stores/

But then as we know, there are two standards of conduct in Jeffie land.

ONE MORE THING: I hope Jeffie didn’t hurt his arm patting himself on his substantial back for contributing $100 to the journalism students at Bear River HS, and advising the teacher on how to get more publicity. As I’ve observed in the past, he possesses the rare ability to strut while seated. “Modesty” is not a word you’ll find in his lexicon.

He challenged me to match his $100 after I wrote about the program in my Union column and contributed $25. I figure the student journalist will get more mileage out of $25 donation and positive coverage on The Union’s editorial page than they’ll get from $100 and a plug in Pelline’s blog.

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7 Responses to Hey, Jeffie, why didn’t you disclose YOUR conflict of interest?

  1. fish says:

    No surprise George Boardman would support this “journalism.” The highest hill he climbed was the San Mateo Times. A little “brown nosing” should keep him onboard as The Union’s weekly columnist — regardless of what the readers think. lol.

    Well if you choose to kiss a little ass at work ……learn from the master…..own the Coffee Run as McDonalds likes to say!

  2. Todd Juvinall says:

    When Pelline belittles someone’s job by comparing his to it, you have to realize that is a plus. He looks like a jealous fool and an envious person. So take it as a plus. It makes him look like a small man even though he is a large man. LOL!

    • Given his antipathy toward small newspapers, I’m surprised he lowered himself by taking a job at The Union. I guess he didn’t have any equity in Cnet when it sold for a gazillion dollars, or maybe his wife wanted him out of the house.

  3. Todd Juvinall says:

    Was he ever in the military? I was a high lottery number that never got called in the late 60’s so I did not go. But did he?

  4. fish says:

    “Is a George/Todd bromance in the making? Wonders never cease. lol.”

    I think someone is lonely!

  5. Todd Juvinall says:

    Yes Pelline sent me threatening letters asking me to remove a similar repsonse to this on my blog. I said no. He kept pestering me all day. The guy is a narcissist.

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