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Pelline tries to get in touch with his feminine side, I suppose

The #MeToo movement has apparently reached the Pelline household, as we are told in a recent monologue from the man himself. The subject apparently triggered a long discussion at the dinner table, where Podunk counseled his son to show respect … Continue reading

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‘The Post’ was not quite the movie I expected to see

You don’t always get what you expect when you see a movie, and “The Post” is a good current example of that. The movie, Steven Spielberg’s telling of how the Washington Post came to publish the Pentagon Papers, was promoted … Continue reading

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Podunk Pelline’s just an 8-year-old at heart

“The Union columnist Boardman poops on the local hospital” –Headline on Pelline’s blog. “The universal language of 8-year-olds.” Jeff Glor, anchor, CBS Evening News, after a report on an 8-year-old in Iraq who used the word “poop”:¬†¬†

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Is Trump administration ready to raid sanctuary cities?

The Trump administration is preparing a massive roundup of illegal aliens in Northern California–the heart of the sanctuary movement, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The Chronicle is reporting that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is planning to fly agents to … Continue reading

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Trump throws gasoline on a smoldering media fire

Donald Trump, never one to pass up a chance to start a new fight, has picked one with The Wall Street Journal over an alleged misquote in a story the paper ran last week. The story was based on an … Continue reading

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Podunk Pelline: Enabler of pseudo science

“One of the problems I have, however, is that the science people keep lording ‘science’ over the rest of us. I have my own opinion on these issues, but I don’t find it constructive to call others ‘illiterate.’” Jeff “Podunk” … Continue reading

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