Is Trump administration ready to raid sanctuary cities?

The Trump administration is preparing a massive roundup of illegal aliens in Northern California–the heart of the sanctuary movement, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

National security threat?

The Chronicle is reporting that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is planning to fly agents to the Bay Area from around the country to execute a massive sweep through Northern California cities to arrest and deport 1,500 illegal aliens with criminal records.

Thomas Homan, acting director of ICE, put the state on notice earlier this week, saying, “California better hold on tight…If the politicians in California don’t want to protect their communities, then ICE will.”

Just to turn the screws a little tighter, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen revealed that the Justice Department has been asked to determine “what avenues might be available” to criminally charge state and local officials who resist federal immigration policies.

One of the leading candidates for arrest would probably be the state’s top cop, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who warned business owners they face prosecution under state law if they cooperate with ICE agents who don’t have a search warrant.

California is the nation’s only sanctuary state, and San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose have all joined the movement, so most people expect ICE to focus its efforts in the Bay Area. Groups resisting Trump’s immigration policy have trained observers ready to report any ICE sitings, no doubt inspired by Paul Revere. Things could get nasty if ICE agents move slowly and don’t try to conceal their presence.

That would probably suit Trump just fine. The Golden State has been the most vociferous opponent of his immigration policies, and the president has little to lose politically here. Rubbing it in the face of those West Coast elitists would play well with Trump’s base.

Building a border wall and cracking down on illegal aliens were big winners for him during the election (a lot of his supporters seem to think foreigners are the source of all of America’s ills), and his bellicose attitude toward Mexico has managed to scare people away  from the border. Certainly, people in this country illegally should be made to leave the country.

But Trump hasn’t done much to force businesses to use the E-Verify system or raid big employers of illegals, instead making a big show of going after easy targets like 7-11 stores, many of them operated by legal immigrants who don’t ask too many questions when they hire their country men.

When’s Trump going to go after corporate farmers in California’s central valley, construction outfits in Texas, and meat packer in places like Iowa–the opportunities that really encourage illegals to come across the border?

I’ll believe Trump’s really serious when people like Senators Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst start squealing.

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3 Responses to Is Trump administration ready to raid sanctuary cities?

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    Aiding and abetting criminals could be a charge against Becerra and others. These Califonia lovelies now are threatening arrest of employers if they follow Federal laws. This is anarchy and to me Treason. So they better be careful as we all know the Federal laws have supremacy.

  2. ctgorectgore says:

    I doubt the INS will monitor the lake of the pines for illegal immigrants working in the area but they should as millionaire cheapskates there employ illegals. and at less than $10.00 per hour?
    Perhaps if they had a large spread getting a garden tractor is fun and gets the job done but most emit exhaust exhaust ?

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