Podunk Pelline’s just an 8-year-old at heart

“The Union columnist Boardman poops on the local hospital”

–Headline on Pelline’s blog.

“The universal language of 8-year-olds.”

Jeff Glor, anchor, CBS Evening News, after a report on an 8-year-old in Iraq who used the word “poop”:  https://www.cbsnews.com/video/iraqi-boy-says-he-lived-with-an-american-family-during-isis-captivity/

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8 Responses to Podunk Pelline’s just an 8-year-old at heart

  1. Bob Crabb, the beloved cartoonist for The Union, had a successful book signing Sunday night, running out of copies of “Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson?,” where his work is featured.

    I wonder how many people would show up if Podunk Pelline held a magazine signing? My guess is two: His wife and his son.

  2. rl crabb says:

    Have you ever noticed how much Jeff’s posts resemble Trump’s? You mention him at all and he leaps for the keyboard. He can’t help himself.

  3. They do have a lot in common: Oversized egos and a very thin skin when it comes to being criticized. It’s fascinating to watch Jeffie work his dragnet to come with something–anything!–negative about his critics.

  4. Pelline may want to check out today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal, especially the lead story in the special section on the future of health care: “The Future of Hospitals.” It sounds just my column he pooped on!

  5. Hey Jeffie, how come I can’t find your “magazine” in the south county? It’s nowhere to be found since Holiday market cleaned out the trash in the front of its store. Do your advertisers know they aren’t reaching the affluent consumers in Lake of the Pines? Some make goods may be in order.

    I need the latest issue so I can finish my four-issue analysis and write my review. Where can I find one?

  6. fish says:

    SCOOP: OMG jeffy made a spelling mistake!

    “On the bright side, Panic was 1-3 as the leadoff hitter, and Chris Stanton, a front-runner for the starter rotation, pitched three scoreless innings.”

    Who Panic, what Panic….? Oh….Joe Panik

    Ya see jeffy…..these are the kinds of silly yet inexcusable mistakes that a top flight journalist makes when he gets preoccupied with name dropping, and letting everybody know that all 500 lbs of him is down with authentic Mexican soup but not taking time verify the details of the story!


  7. fish says:

    A silent (and cowardly correction) was noted at 11:56 am!

    jeffy apparently remains a big fan of your blog George.

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