Clueless–and newsless–in western Nevada County

The sanctuary movement has been a subject of intense discussion in California, the nation’s only sanctuary state and home to some of the highest profile supporters of the movement.

The Trump administration has been threatening to take action against the state and it finally made its move Tuesday, filing a suit to invalidate three state laws restricting the cooperation of businesses and law enforcement with federal immigration officials.

On the heels of that suit came Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who addressed the topic this morning at a meeting of the California Peace Officers Association in Sacramento. Talk about a subject ripe for discussion!

As luck would have it, the Nevada County Democratic Party sponsored a forum Tuesday night featuring the three candidates for Nevada County Sheriff. The format called for questioning by Pascale Fusshoeller, editor of YubaNet, and then members of the audience.

The forum included the predictable questions about gun safety and pot, as well as two lower visibility subjects–body cameras and concealed carry. But Fusshoeller, who had her own run-in with immigration officials a couple of years ago, apparently didn’t think the sanctuary movement was worth discussing.

The Union also dropped the ball in its coverage of the subject. The suit was filed in Sacramento before the federal courthouse closed at 5 p.m., and CBS 13 news–never known for its news-breaking abilities–led with the story on its 6 p.m. broadcast. The Sacramento Bee posted what was essentially today’s page one story at 6:20 p.m.

Today’s Union had a story about Sessions making a “major announcement about sanctuary policies” in Sacramento today, a story Associated Press clearly transmitted before the law suit was filed.

So why didn’t the paper pick up on the law suit story? My guess is that whoever monitors AP at The Union missed the story, didn’t appreciate its significance, or didn’t bother to look at AP after the decision was made to run the Sessions story.

Our local radio stations didn’t cover themselves with glory either. KNCO-AM had nothing about the suit on its web site as late as 10:30 a.m. this morning. It wasn’t even included in its ABC News “Top Stories” section. Meanwhile, KVMR-FM led its Tuesday evening news with a plug for the Feminist Film Festival at Sierra College.

But there’s another sheriff candidate forum tonight at Nevada Union High School, The Union publishes again Thursday, and our radio stations are still on the air. Here’s a chance to make amends.

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