Here’s a strange story that is also true

My sister-in-law borrowed one of our cars, a Honda CRV, to run some errands in Auburn Thursday. One of her stops was at Safeway, where she left the car unlocked.

I drove that car to the gym this morning and when I got home, I noticed a bag of potato chips sitting on the floor behind the driver’s seat. When I opened the door, I found a bag of groceries, miscellaneous items that included a Safeway house brand.

I took the groceries in the house and showed them to my sister-in-law. Her response: “That isn’t mine. I didn’t buy any of that stuff.”

My guess is that whoever bought the groceries has a car just like ours. He or she put the groceries in the car before visiting another store, but the car was gone by the time they got back.

This is one time I wish I had a Facebook page, but this blog will have to suffice. If you can describe the food and the color of your CRV matches ours, the goodies are yours if you’re willing to drive to Lake of the Pines to retrieve them.

I always lock my car. This incident makes me wonder what I’ve missed all these years.

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