Some thoughts on the Pennsylvania special election

The vote is still too close to call the winner in Pennsylvania’s special Congressional election, but it’s clear the Democrats are the big winners in a district that voted big time for Donald Trump in 2016.

The result also confirms some trends that don’t look good for Republicans as we approach the mid-term elections. Here are three of the more obvious ones:

–His base may love Trump’s crude, bullying style, but it’s becoming a big turn-off for other people, particularly those who reluctantly voted for Trump because they couldn’t stomach Clinton;

–It’s becoming more obvious that in Trump’s world, it’s all about him and not the Republican party. If he really cared about Tuesday’s election, he would have postponed firing Tillerson and his California-bashing trip until after the votes were in. Did his actions impact the vote? Every little thing matters in a race this close.

–Add Rick Saccone to Roy Moore, Sharron Angle and the other duds Republicans nominated for important races in the last decade. Social conservatives may love these people, but nobody else does.

Does this mean the Democrats are going to be big winners in November? No, but the trend is encouraging. Meanwhile, the Republicans can forget about Coattails Don. They’re stuck with Don the Magician, who can make a 20-point edge disappear in a New York minute.


Listen to Michael Steel, a Republican strategist, on Trump’s visit to his wall prototypes Tuesday:

“Whether or not ‘the wall’ ever gets built, footage of President Trump visiting these prototypes will play over and over again, particularly on Fox News and in campaign ads, as a visual argument that he has kept his promise to his base.”


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