QUICK HITS: When everything looks like a gun

Apparently anything held by a suspect looks like a gun to a cop, as the recent shooting in Sacramento shows once again.

Friday was a bad day for Bay Area sports teams: Stephen Curry injured his knee and Madison Bumgarner broke his pitching hand. I hope Jimmy Garoppolo is safe and secure.

Even the bots are turning against Trump: Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham called him “President Schumer” after he signed the new budget bill.

The newest indictments–this time, it’s nine Iranians–show once again that cyber security in this country is a farce. Nobody needs to bomb us; all they have to do is take down the power grid.

John “Bombs Away” Bolton, Trump’s new national security adviser, is a typical Republican war hawk. He enlisted in the National Guard during the Vietnam War to avoid active duty and attend law school.

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