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Miller and Hodge square-off at less than satisfactory LWV forum

Supervisor Dan Miller and the challenger for his District 3 seat, Hilary Hodge, got the opportunity Thursday night to explain to voters why they’re the person for the job. The occasion was one of four forums being held this month … Continue reading

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An issue that got people excited about the race for sheriff

Nevada County residents get the opportunity this year to elect the first new sheriff in 20 years, making it easily the most important office on the June ballot. The sheriff’s office is responsible for police services in the unincorporated areas … Continue reading

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Toasting the ’06 quake with Hotaling’s whiskey

In case you missed it, Wednesday was the 112th anniversary of the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906. (Conservatives would say the quake wasn’t bad enough.) While my wife and I were both born there (she grew up in SF, … Continue reading

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What did manliness have to do with Trump’s election?

Harvey Mansfield, professor of government at Harvard University and author of “Manliness,” a put-down of western feminists, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal: “Laughing lightly, Mr. Mansfield recalls Mr. Trump’s masculine belittling of ‘Little Marco,’ ‘Low Energy Jeb’ and … Continue reading

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