QUICK HITS: Making Alabama look good

–I can’t decide which is higher: The body temperature or IQ of new Mississippi Senator Cindy  Hyde-Smith. But I do know this: She will further validate my contention that Mississippi is the only state that can make Alabama look good by comparison.

–There are 3 possible reasons Paul Manafort is lying after making a plea deal in exchange for telling the truth: He’s a congenital liar, which would explain why Trump hired him; something really bad will happen if he tells the truth; or Trump has signaled that Manafort will get a pardon if he protects the prez.

–Trump is threatening GM after the company announced it will cut almost 15,000 jobs because its going to quit making sedans that are unprofitable. One reason the cars are unprofitable is the Trump steel tariffs that have raised GM’s costs by $700 million a year–enough money to pay about 9,400 employees.

–Thanks Don: A chart in The Wall Street Journal shows that the areas of the country hurt most by Trump’s tariffs were his biggest backers in the presidential election, while the parts of the country that backed Clinton are relatively unscathed.

–Retired educator Terry McAteer reports there’s an “obvious typo” in the plaque honoring slain diplomat Christopher Stevens. Maybe Grass Valley should have hired Jeff Pelline to proof read it for them.


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