QUICK HITS: Trump’s national security fantasies

–It should alarm even his strongest supporters that Donald Trump doesn’t believe our national security experts. When it comes to international security threats, he operates in a fantasy world of his own.

–Why is Howard Schultz considering a run for president? Well, he has a huge fortune and an ego to match it.

–We apparently have a governor who’s willing to address California’s housing crisis. Gov. Gavin Newsom is suing Huntington Beach for failing to build affordable housing, and is threatening to withhold tax gas tax funds from communities that ignore these mandates.

–Atlas Arms, saying it is “critical to a well-regulated militia,” will make free to the public a computer-aided design file for milling “cop killer” armor-piercing bullets. Those bullets are currently illegal.

–This is scary: Caltrans is closing the rest areas at Gold Run on Highway 80 to repair the plumbing system damaged by people who have flushed, among other things, syringes down the toilets. Apparently people are shooting up before they make the trek over Donner Summit or head down into the valley.

–The recent Women’s March in Nevada City had a modest turnout, but at least they held one. The marches in Redding and Eureka were canceled because of a lack of diversity (what do you expect up there?) and the Democratic National Committee withdrew its endorsement of the national march because of a controversy over anti-semitism.

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