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Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is one baaaad hombre

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is the only journalist I know who’s been 86ed by the two biggest bullies in the Western Hemisphere. That’s quite an accomplishment. Ramos most recently got the bum’s rush when he traveled to Venezuela with a … Continue reading

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QUICK HITS: Cohen’s testimony just validates our suspicions

–Michael Cohen’s testimony just confirms what we already suspect about Donald Trump: He’s a low-life scum bag. –The kerfuffle over Cohen’s veracity reminds me of Bob Arum, the long-time boxing promoter. He once insisted a boxer in one of his … Continue reading

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Some of the cheapest people you’ll find are very rich

A recent police sweep of Florida massage parlors that were allegedly fronts for prostitution rings netted 165 arrests, among them three former cops and three very rich men. The wealthiest of the trio is 77-year-old Robert Kraft, owner of the … Continue reading

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SPEAKING OF SPORTS: Bochy’s ‘gut’ is probably right

Bruce Bochy, the only manager of the San Francisco Giants who has won a World Series (actually, 3 of them), announced this week that he will retire at the end of his 13th season running the team. Bochy is an … Continue reading

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Johnson had the answer to Trump’s popularity

A lot of people who detest Donald Trump have a hard time understanding how intelligent, principled Republicans can continue to support a man who can always be depended upon to take the low road. The simple answer is that even … Continue reading

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The Trump White House even lies about how tall he is

Lying is so common in the Trump White House that the media don’t even bother to point out most of them any more. But as Trump’s recent physical exam showed, nothing is too trivial to lie about. The White House … Continue reading

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