Oh, no! More crime in Podunk’s hood!

In his ongoing effort to school the local bumpkins, Jeff “Podunk” Pelline assumes many guises. One of them is Mr. Crime Stopper.

After the Nevada City branch of Tri-Counties Bank was robbed for the third time in two years, Podunk demanded in 2016 that the city council investigate the town’s police department. His demand was ignored.

Mr. Crime Stopper

The bank is apparently in close proximity to the Pelline manse, and he conjured up images of bank robbers fleeing through the neighborhood, endangering women and children living in the area. It didn’t occur to Mr. Crime Stopper that the bank is an attractive target because it is next to the main escape route out-of-town, Highway 49.

Podunk has also complained about the ruffians who loiter about the Chevron gas station and mini-mart in Nevada City, a business that’s within shouting distance of where he lives. It apparently never occurred to him when he was buying his house that an establishment that can sell alcohol until 2 a.m. just might be noisy at night.

It now appears the gas station was the site of an effort to steal the identities of unsuspecting customers. Authorities have found skimmers on two of the gas station’s pumps, placed there by thieves who want to steal the debit and credit card information of customers.

It’s estimated that about 30 customers have been victimized to the tune of about $30,000. Was Jeffie one of them? Well, we know the family likes to spend gas money down the hill at the Arco station in Auburn, so my guess is he buys most of his gas at the Arco station in Grass Valley.

Then there’s Pioneer Park, within walking distance for somebody in reasonable shape. I have personally experienced people drinking alcohol and consuming illegal substances in that park. No telling what else goes on there that I haven’t seen.

All of this crime may explain why he installed a security system in his home. You can never be too careful in high crime towns like Nevada City.


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8 Responses to Oh, no! More crime in Podunk’s hood!

  1. Barry Pruett says:

    I have said it a hundred times. Nevada City has changed. In the 90s Nevada City was the best of Nevada County. Now it is a distant third. Even Penn Valley is catching up with twelve 28 near Wildwood. It is sad, because it could be such a cute town but they have invited this crime with policies and trying to help without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

  2. fish says:

    Worse than a crime……an error!

    The rooms have free, lightening-fastWi-Fi, new flat-screen TVs, original artwork and wood paneling….

    Is a lightening fast where one refrains from eating for a time in order to achieve “lightening”? I think you can guess who made this clumsy and embarrassing error!

  3. Barry Pruett says:

    The error on Pelline’s blog was quietly fix with “lightening” speed. The same as his shooting from the hip and post fake news reports about the Covington Catholic kids and then quietly correcting the record later. Pelline is fake news and a purveyor of discord and division. I don’t agree with George sometimes, but I don’t feel the need to belittle him for our disagreement. Hell, I am not perfect and George might be right…something Pelline would never ever admit.

  4. fish says:

    Please note the time for the official record. “lightening” officially “memory holed” NLT 12:30p 19 Feb 2019! Response time not as good as prior incidents! Oh well….jeffy is drifting into the senior citizen demographic! Some slowing is to be expected.

  5. Ken Jones says:

    Speaking of embarrassing! Funny how the fish misses the obvious.

    Todd “Pelline” Swallows is quite the morin.
    Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 20 February 2019 at 08:13 AM

  6. fish says:

    Speaking of embarrassing! Funny how the fish misses the obvious.


    Yes …..I frequently cringe at Todd’s more “creative” offerings! Of course Todd doesn’t bill himself as “The Nations Editor” like jeffy does.

  7. rl crabb says:

    That area of town is known as Prospect Hill. Unfortunately, many of the prospectors are claim jumpers.

  8. Jeffie, be sure to say hello to Larry Baer for me if you see him at the Biltmore. I hear he’s not in town this year.

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