Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is one baaaad hombre

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is the only journalist I know who’s been 86ed by the two biggest bullies in the Western Hemisphere. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Jorge Ramos

Ramos most recently got the bum’s rush when he traveled to Venezuela with a production crew to interview beleaguered President Nicolas Maduro. Things did not go well.

Ramos said Maduro got upset when he was asked about “the lack of democracy,  about the torture of political prisoners, about the humanitarian crisis.” It didn’t help that Ramos referred to El Presidente as a dictator.

“He got up after we showed him a picture of young people eating out of a garbage truck, then one of his ministers said the interview wasn’t authorized, they took all our equipment…,” Ramos said. They were held in Miraflores Palace in Caracas for over two hours before being released without their equipment.

Ramos had an earlier run-in with then candidate Donald Trump that resulted in him being escorted from the room by two security guards, but Ramos was at fault. Ramos tried to ask a question out of turn at a press conference while another reporter was speaking. “Sit down, you weren’t called,” Trump said. “Go back to Univision.”

That led to back and forth bickering that ended when Trump ordered Ramos ejected from the room. He was allowed to return and asked Trump two questions.

Ramos was “totally, absolutely out of line,” Trump said later.  He had a point. Ramos knows better than to interrupt another reporter, but it’s also true that Trump has a history with Univision. He’s currently suing the network for $500 million after it canceled a contract to broadcast the Miss Universe beauty contest.

Still, you have to like a journalist who’s willing to stand-up to the two biggest bullies in the Western Hemisphere.

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  1. ctgorectgore says:

    Sometimes it is better to think before you pick a fight you cant wi.

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