QUICK HITS: Who don’t you ask the GOP’s leader in California?

–Conservative blogger George Rebane finds merit it the Reconquista theory, the idea that Mexico will reclaim land lost to the U.S. in 1848 “bloodlessly by immigration and out-breeding our European descended whites.” He may want to raise that issue when Jessica Patterson, currently chair of the state Republican Party and a Latina, addresses local Republicans in Auburn next month.

–If the regular commentators at Rebane’s Ruminations put their heads together, they’d have an impressive rock garden.

–Is Donald Trump telling the truth when he says he “loves” Wikileaks or when he says he knows nothing about the outfit? That’s a trick question because Trump never tells the truth.

–Trump keeps insisting his father was born in a “beautiful” part of Germany while all of the evidence suggests he was born in the U.S. I think it’s time for Trump to produce a birth certificate. If it was good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for dear old dad.

–Speaking of Trump’s lying, nobody laid it out better than Robert Mueller.

–Podunk Pelline, the Miss Grundy of local grammarians, is quick to jump on anybody who does something as innocuous as leaving the apostrophe out of “it’s.” Meanwhile, Pelline regular Chip Wilder wrote on Jeffie’s blog April 19 at 6:06 a.m. that Trump is a “cereal liar.” Chipper could give Walt Branson and Todd Juvinall a run for their money when it comes to creative use of the English language in the local blogosphere.

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6 Responses to QUICK HITS: Who don’t you ask the GOP’s leader in California?

  1. Jeff Pelline says:

    Do you think putting down others makes you look smart? Think again. The best you could do is a small Catholic college and the San Mateo Times. Thank goodness you married into money! We’re laughing at you, not with you. ROFLOL.

    • “Putting down others.”

      You would know. Like the current post about George Rebane at the movies, or ragging on Barry Pruett about his law school. What a hypoocrite.

      Why did you pull the post mocking Don Bessee because he left an apostrophe out of it’s? Was it because you realized it made you look like the petty person you are, or did Bessee scare you?

      Given your antipathy toward people who didn’t work at metropolitan dailies, I’m surprised you sought a job at The Union. Did you need the money? Did you get frozen out when Cnet sold out? LOL, as they say.

      For the record: I didn’t go to a small Catholic college–I went to a large state college–and I didn’t marry into money.

  2. Jeffie seems to be upset that I gave one of his regulars the same treatment he likes to give everybody else. He can dish it out but he can’t take it.

    I’m glad to see he changed “Root Center” to Rood Center. Now, when is he going to run Heide Hall’s statement? He doesn’t want to be scooped by YubaNet or (gasp!) The Union.

  3. DONALD J BESSEE says:

    Its, its, its, its ………………….. 😉

    • Precision is a good thing in communications, and you should strive for it in your writing. It’s not that big a deal to insert an apostrophe when you mean it is.

      But Jeffie doesn’t know everything. He apparently doesn’t know that the 49ers have worn “alternative” black uniforms occasionally over the last three years https://www.ninersnation.com/2018/5/1/17307546/49ers-black-alternate-uniforms-anniversary

      And you would think he knows the difference between the University of San Francisco and San Francisco State, being a former big time reporter in The City. That’s a mistake made by non-residents.

  4. Podunk Pelline announced May 10 his “magazine” could be found at Whole Foods in Roseville, as well as other places from the Bay Area to Reno. Alas, it was nowhere to be found at 9 a.m. today at the Holiday Market on Combie Road. So much for all of those “boots on the ground!”
    LOL, as they say.

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