Where have I been the last 5 months? An explanation

It has been almost 5 months since I posted anything on this blog, and some of you may actually wonder why.

Part of it has been a long list of family obligations that have kept me occupied outside western Nevada County, but I still managed to write my weekly column for The Union. So what was the real reason?

The real reason is that I couldn’t figure out a reason for writing the old blog. Instead of providing a focus and a reason for net surfers to take a look on a regular basis, I took a shotgun approach, writing about anything that interested me. So when I thought about the blog the last 5 months, I kept asking myself the question: What one subject should I write about?

The answer is politics. Aside from the fact that’s it is an interesting take on the human condition and provides numerous examples of the low humor that amuses me, it is clear to anybody who follows local media that there is a high level of interest in the subject in Nevada County.

The level of interest will ratchet up even more as we get nearer to the 2020 general election, one of the most consequential in this country’s history. Because it lacks the manpower, The Union can’t give the subject the kind of coverage that is clearly justified. I’ll try to fill some of that void by focusing on local and state politics, but I’ll occasionally comment on the national scene.

Regular readers of my column in The Union know where my sympathies are, but that won’t stop me from writing about the buffoonery that afflicts both parties. I will have more time to delve into the subject because I won’t be writing 50 columns for The Union next year.

A new state law requires businesses like The Union to offer people like me full-time employment if they publish more than 35 of my submissions in a year. Since that’s not going to happen (and I wouldn’t want it to happen), I’ll be writing less for the paper next year, and maybe not at all.

It may take me awhile to find my stride (as they say in the writing game), but I hope to turn the blog into something that’s worth checking out a couple of times a week. I invite you to come along for the ride.

–George Boardman

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