Brian Dahle picks up a vote in the California Assembly

To the surprise of nobody, Megan Dahle won the special election to replace her husband, Brian Dahle, in California’s first Assembly district.

And has increasingly become the trend, Nevada County backed the Democrat over the Republican in this race.

The outcome was a forgone conclusion when Brian Dahle was elected to the state Senate and his wife immediately declared her candidacy for his Assembly seat. The heavily Republican district figured to keep the seat in the GOP column, and Brian Dahle’s name recognition, political organization, and fund raising apparatus were more than enough for his wife to beat back any Republican opponents.

She carried the district comfortably over Democratic challenger Elizabeth Betancourt, outpolling her 58 percent to 42 percent. The only county Dahle lost was Nevada County, which went 54 percent to 46 percent for Betancourt.

This continues a trend of recent years. While Brian Dahle carried the county in his run for state Senate, Rep. Doug LaMalfa lost Nevada County handily in 2016 and Rep. Tom McClintock was pounded in the Truckee area, the only part of the county in his district.

Brian Dahle, perhaps suspecting his wife’s weakness in the county, showed up here about a week before the election to commiserate with merchants who lost business during the PG&E blackouts, and urged Gov. Gavin Newsom to call a special session of the state Legislature to deal with the problem. He didn’t say what Newsom or the legislature should do–just that it meet.

Megan Dahle, whose public service experience consists of one term on a school board, backed her husband’s call for a special session and said she would support a special tax credit for businesses that lost revenue during the blackouts. She also promised to spend more time in Nevada County so people could get to know her better.

She said during the campaign she will probably vote the party line 90 percent of the time, which means she will be casting the same “no” votes in the Assembly her husband will be casting in the Senate. The electorate basically voted for more of the same.

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