Conservatives will continue to dominate Board of Supervisors

Three of the five seats on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors are up for election next year, but only one will be contested and–regardless of the outcome of that race–conservatives will remain in change.

Supervisor Ed Scofield is unopposed in District 2, while newcomer Hardy Bullock has an unobstructed path to election in District 5. Supervisors Chair Richard Anderson, who described himself to me as a “so-called liberal,” chose not to seek a third term and has endorsed Bullock.

That leaves the first district seat of incumbent Heidi Hall, who will face two opponents in her quest for a second term: Deborah Wilder, former chair of the Nevada County Republican Central Committee, and contractor Michael Taylor.

Hall has well-known liberal credentials and was a target of local conservatives when she ran 4 years ago for the seat held by retiring Supervisor Nate Beason. The conservatives had to settle for Nevada City Councilmember Duane Stawser, who changed his voter registration from Democrat to Independent when he declared his candidacy.

They will have at least once genuine conservative to back this time around in Wilder, who has been long active Republican Party affairs. But she has also shown the ability in the past to function successfully in non-partisan positions, said to be a component of a supervisor’s job.

Wilder served two terms on the city council–and was mayor twice–of Foster City in solid blue San Mateo County. (Hillary Clinton got 76 percent of the county’s vote in 2016.) She was a less-than-enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump when he was seeking the Republican presidential nomination, but has presumably drank the Kool Aid since then and is on board the Trump clown car.

It is hard to discern what liberal influences Hall has brought to the Rood Center during her tenure. She recently completed a trip to Washington, D.C., where she met with the STAFF of Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, and Rep. Doug LaMalfa to discuss issues of local concern. Since she was dealing with staff people, Hall could have saved the taxpayers some money by just driving to Auburn (LaMalfa’s closest field office), Sacramento (Harris) and San Francisco (Feinstein).

But Hall did try to get FEMA to dislodge the money for two grants applied for by the county three years ago. Since none of the money the county is seeking has been granted since October 2018, don’t expect any action soon.

If Wilder can unseat Hall, conservatives will have at least 4 of the 5 seats on the board. That’s a lot more clout than Donald Trump will have in the county next November.

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