Put your money where your mouth is

People who like to bet legally on sports events have been left high and dry—and more solvent than they’ve been in a long time—since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the Nevada casinos and their bookmaking operations.

The only sports books currently operating are offshore, but they are illegal if you live in the United States and aren’t offering much in the way of action anyway. There is some horse racing taking place you can bet on. Otherwise, you’re confined to bets on future games that may never be played.

The Nevada casinos are likely to reopen before the professional leagues resume play, leaving the odds makers and ticket writers with little to do. Here’s a suggestion: Take a page from your European counterparts and offer proposition bets on non-sports activities.

The British sports books are famous for offering off-the-wall propositions tied to the events of the day, such as whether the latest pregnant royal will have a son or daughter, and what they might name the child. They also take bets on the outcome of our presidential elections, and that’s where the Nevada books can get in on the action.

This year’s presidential election figures to be hotly contested, and our rampant partisanship will generate strong opinions on both sides of the political divide that some people will want to back with wagers. That offers the opportunity for numerous proposition bets that can draw strong betting action.

That got me to thinking about what those propositions might be. Here are 11 from off the top of my head. I’m sure the pros can come up with a lot more. (Since I don’t run a bookmaking operation, the following is for amusement purposes only):

–What will be Donald Trump’s losing margin in the popular vote: Over 2.9 million, under 2.9 million.

–Will Trump dump Mike Pence from the ticket? Will, won’t.

–If Trump dumps Pence from the ticket, who will be his vice presidential running mate: Jared Kushner, Ivanka, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Alex Jones.

–How many new women will come forward to claim Trump sexually assaulted them: Over three, under three.

–If Trump loses a close election, will he: Leave office, refuse to leave office, send the troops into California to seize all of the illegal Joe Biden votes.

–Biden has promised to select a woman as his running mate. Will it be: Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, any other member of the Squad, Hillary Clinton, none of the above.

–Tara Reade said she voted for Barack Obama twice. Will she also vote for Biden: Yes, no.

–At some point during the campaign, Biden will forget where he is or forget his name: Forget location, forget name.

–If Biden is elected president, his son Hunter will become a lobbyist for: Ukraine natural gas interests, a Chinese coronavirus tracking company, Unwed Mothers of America.

–The newly formed Science Not Politics Party will sweep to victory behind a ticket of Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom. Yes, no.

–How long will it take to count the presidential vote in California: One week, one month, until the 12th of never.

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