QUICK HITS: Getting ‘serious’ about protecting customers

–“Businesses are really taking this seriously” when it comes to protecting customers against the coronavirus, Amy Irani, Nevada County’s environmental health director, said in the June 12 issue of The Union. The quote was right next to the picture of a barber finishing a haircut with neither man wearing a mask. That’s a violation of state guidelines.

–People who won’t wear masks or practice social distancing are candidates for Darwin Awards.

–Speaking of which, Donald Trump will hold a rally in Tulsa June 20, where people are expected to be crowded together without masks. The admission tickets say his acolytes can’t sue the Trump campaign if they get the coronavirus.

–The Trump administration is stonewalling attempts to find out who is getting $600 billion in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program. Maybe it’s because it would be embarrassing to admit some of the money has gone to multi-billion dollar wealth management funds, including Carson Group, with $12 billion under management.

–The sale of MAGA gear should spike now that NASCAR has banned the Confederate flag from its races.

–House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a great comeback after a reporter asked if the Democrats are embarrassed because the Ku Klux Klan once embraced the party: “Of course. We’re embarrassed that Donald Trump was a Democrat as well, and for similar reasons.”

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