QUICK HITS: Explaining Trump’s voter fraud fantasy

–I’d like the people who believe in Trump’s voter fraud fantasy to explain this to me: Why did all of those fake voters for Biden also vote Republican in sufficient numbers to let the GOP gain ground in the House and probably keep control of the Senate? If they went to the trouble of faking the Biden vote, you would think the miscreants would give him a working majority in Congress while they were at it.

–One of the reason religious leaders are fighting COVID restrictions on attendance at services is numerous studies that show people lose interest in religion if they don’t attend services on a regular basis.

–Which reminds me of an old joke: What’s the difference between praying in church and praying in a casino? In a casino, they really mean it.

–If Donald Trump pardons his adult children, they will still be exposed to charges brought by the state of New York. The state is particularly interested in a $2 million deduction the Trump Organization took for consulting fees, the same year Ivanka reported $2 million in consulting fees even thought she was already on the payroll.

–Sierra County is about the safest place in the state if you want to avoid COVID-19. Of course, there’s hardly anybody up there to make you sick.

–Placer County, which has shown a notable lack of enthusiasm when it comes to cracking down on violators of pandemic restrictions, still refuses to shut down a basketball camp in Rocklin that has been holding tournaments for schools that are spreading the disease over the north state.

–Getting fired by Trump are good career moves for former Defense Secretary Mark Esper and cyber security chief Christopher Krebs because it gives them a chance to rehabilitate their reputations. There are a lot of “good” Republicans in administration jobs who will have plenty of explaining to do after they become unemployed January 20.

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