QUICK HITS: Biden’s media honeymoon won’t last long

–The early media coverage of the Biden administration has a “Ding dong, the witch is dead!” vibe to it, but that won’t last. Just ask Obama and Clinton.

–Biden has started out with a whirl-wind of activity, but that will soon come to a grinding halt because the gears of Congress and the bureaucracy move slowly.

–On the other hand, Trump set such a low bar handling the pandemic and rolling out the vaccines that it will be easy for Biden to look like a hero.

–You can add California’s botched distribution of the coronavirus vaccine to the list of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s failures. It is inexcusable that actions that could have been taken before the first shots were delivered still haven’t been done.

–If Nevada County has a plan for distribution of the vaccine shots, it’s doing a good job of hiding it from the rest of us. If they’re going to use a shot-by-appointment system, it will take forever to vaccinate the locals.

–Nevada County’s teachers are supposed to go to the head of the line, presumably so all students can get back to school. Are the teachers’ unions onboard with this?

–How should I feel about reports that many health care and nursing home workers are refusing to get vaccinated?  Concerned is one word that comes to mind.

–Local media coverage of Nevada County’s vaccination effort has been silent on the role of local clinics and Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. For example, I know that Chapa-De currently have a limited supply of vaccines for its members. Maybe one of the clueless reporters at The Union can get off his or her ass and make some phone calls.

–Speaking of clueless, The Union ran a 12-inch story—actually, a press release—in today’s edition announcing the earnings of River Valley Community Bank. Too bad the press release didn’t include details like revenue and profit or loss.

–Maybe the numbers were omitted because net income for the year was actually down slightly in a year when most banks did well, and return on equity was down 18%.

–Supervisors chair Dan Miller and other county officials are trying to lobby the state for more vaccines. The county’s cause won’t be helped by Miller’s recent criticism of Newsom for how the state allocated COVID-19 relief funds to the counties.

–Hall of Fame pitcher Don Sutton, who died recently at the age of 75, played for several teams over his long career. When asked once about loyalty, he said: “I’m the most loyal employee money can buy.”

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