A Rebane regular? Here’s why you should proceed with caution

In his continuing effort to save Americans from the authoritarian diktats of our scheming lefties, Dr. George Rebane takes another shot at masks in the latest edition of Scattershots at Rebane’s Ruminations.

“Masks don’t work and are damaging our health,” he reports three “concerned physicians” concluding at a recent panel discussion on the subject. Another example of “autocratic population control trial by governments,” he concludes.

But other than calling them “concerned physicians,” the good doctor doesn’t list their affiliations or expertise on the subject. Being the cynic that I am, this immediately raised suspicion and prompted me to dig a little deeper.

The link Dr. Rebane provided took me to LifeSiteNews, a site that provides a conservative slant to various social issues of the day. LifeSiteNews reported on a panel discussion involving the three experts, but didn’t say when or where the panel was held. Maybe the three of them just Zoomed.

Like Dr. Rebane, LifeSiteNews didn’t provide any details about the affiliations or expertise of the “concerned physicians” the article quoted, so I had to dig a little deeper. What I found probably won’t surprise you.

For starters, two of the three experts are a chiropractor and an osteopath. The third, a Ph D, calls herself a naturapathic doctor. None of them have any expertise in immunology or public health, but that hasn’t stopped them from advocating unconventional approaches to the current pandemic sweeping the world. For example:

–Dr. Sheri Tenpenny, the osteopath, is a long-time promoter of the discredited theory that vaccines cause autism;

–Dr. Eric Nepute is a St. Louis chiropractor who is the recent recipient of a warning letter from the Federal Trade Commission ordering him to cease promoting chiropractic care, intravenous vitamin theory, and vitamin D supplements as means of treating or preventing coronavirus;

–Dr. Pam Popper, the naturopathic specialist who believes that natural remedies are superior to anything Big Pharma produces, considers the wearing of masks one of many coronavirus disasters afflicting our country.

If nothing else, this example shows that the lightly read regulars of  Rebane’s Ruminations should proceed with caution.

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