QUICK HITS: Expect chaos in California come April 15

–Given the track record of the Newsom administration, expect chaos when California opens vaccinations to everybody over 16 on April 15.

–Polls say people want tougher gun restrictions, but they don’t want them enough to punish Republicans who stand in the way of reforms.

–There have been a lot of complaints about how women are being treated in the men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments. We wouldn’t have this conversation if the women generated the same kind of revenue the men produce.

–Well, that’s a fine mess the Biden administration made of the illegal immigration issue. The Republicans already have an issue for the 2022 elections, and the ban on Border Agents talking to the media will just raise suspicions about what’s going on.

–The Wall Street Journal had a picture that I’m sure will be all over conservative media showing migrants at the border wearing T-shirts that say “Biden Please Let Us In!” Who do you suppose came up with that idea?

–Sidney Powell, one of the Trump attorneys trying to overturn the election results, now claims that “no reasonable person” would believe her outlandish claims were “statements of fact.” When you consider how many Trump supporters believed her, you have to wonder if there are any “reasonable people” left in the Republican Party.

–Lady Gaga’s $500,000 reward for the return of her two stolen French bull dogs will only encourage the bad guys to target the expensive pets of prominent people.

–Manufacturers of condoms expect sales to rise as bars, night clubs, and other entertainment venues reopen. Meanwhile, the Gap stores are expecting a peacock effect as people dress to impress.

–Here are two reasons why football players should hold out for every dollar they can get: Quarterback Alex Smith, the AP Comeback Player of the Year for enduring 17 operations and almost two years of rehab, has been cut by Washington. Linebacker Kyle Van Noy endured constant hip pain to start all 16 games for Miami. He was cut too.

–When it comes to the contracts of NFL players, the only number that matters is the amount of money that’s guaranteed. Nothing else in those contracts is guaranteed.

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